At your Initial examination, you will be asked to provide a history of your symptoms, including your childhood and adult history.

The Doctor will then take you through a set of diagnostic and orthopedic examinations. We do not guess when it comes to your health – we test and then re-test to make sure that you are actually improving. If needed, you may be sent for additional testing such as X-rays or blood tests to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

If Chiropractic is deemed to be appropriate for your condition – treatment will begin as soon as possible so that the healing process is not prolonged any further.

The video above from the West Hartford Group explains quite well what a typical patient experiences on their first consultation.

Doctors of Chiropractic use the same time-honoured methods of consultation as any other medical doctor. This involves a full case history, physical examination and, if necessary, further laboratory analysis and/or x-ray examination. This first session will take approximately 40 minutes to one hour to complete.

Please dress in appropriate clothing when you visit your chiropractor. You may need to bring along shorts if you are coming with a hip, knee or ankle pathology.

At Bodyworks Chiropractic Centre, you will not be treated as just another patient or number, but instead as a valued member of our practice community. From here we would provide you with expert clinical care and help give you the skills that you can take forward to maintain a healthy functional lifestyle.

At your second visit – referred to as a ‘report of findings,’ your Chiropractor will discuss the results of the initial examination, explain your diagnosis and how Chiropractic treatment is best suited for a positive outcome. It is also important to give you an outline of the treatment process to be followed to ensure that your condition is dealt with in an efficient but comprehensive manner, making sure that you are healthy and regain optimal function.

Follow up appointments consist of a quick de-brief of how you have been since the last treatment, and the actual Chiropractic treatment.

Initial Consult


Follow Up Consult


Pensioner/2-12 yr old


Baby 0-2 yr old


Extended Visit


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